Serbia, Hungary, Cyprus, Romania work together to bring the R.U.In? project to life

Nowadays bullying is a problem society has to face.

It is hard. It is painful. It is necessary.

Four organizations from Hungary, Cyprus, Serbia and Romania joing together to use methodologies of working with theatre and drama to educate students about bullying.

  • Hungary. What should you know about Nyitott Kör?

Nyitott Kör is focusing on drama in education. They used theather based games and activities to rise up important discussions and help students to open up and understand their feelings. So called Stréber/The Nerd performance was dedicated to bullying, aiming to reach a target group od 15-18 year old. Nyitott Kör is now working on a project about cyberbullyig, which is to be ready by 09.2017 for groups of 13-14 years old.

  • Cyprus. What should you know about TheatrEtc?

TheatrEtc uses experiences and knowledge of applied drama practitioners, who studied in the UK. The main focus in on process drama, e.g. Remove the Power project about bullying 9-13 year old children. They aim on both educating young people about bullying and helping them to grow their own juddements and self-esteem. Being very experienced in research and using drama methodology, TheatrEtc starts the new program dedicated to cyberbullying for groups of 13-15 year old students.

  • Serbia. What should you know about CEDEUM?

CEDEUM nowadays reaches groups of 13-14 year old children with 45 minute performances, using theatre people and musicians for the devised theatre. They work on TOGETHERNESS – empowering and unating children and young adults against bullying. The next goal of CEDEUM is creating a 90 minute program for 15-16 year old students.

  • Romania. What should you know about Sigma Art?

Sigma Art is focusing on young people’s theatre using theatre is education methodology in different regions of Romania. They prepare five new programs to be applied from the beginning of a new school year 2017. Sigma Art works with children and young adults from 7 to 17 years old, including We care about young! project, dedicated to a national and international tour-festival GALA with topics of theatre and drama in education.