ROMANIA: Eleven Vests of Sigma Art

Edward Bond’s Eleven Vests is structured by Sigma-Art-RO Theatre in Education as a complex educational and social-impact play by exploring young people critical situation in different – also critical – levels who represents nowadays main question about youngsters and future: how they will manage this unexpected and huge who’s coming over them through:

  • Technology, who’s advancing day by day and request them day by day,
  • Communication; despite the invasion of information in our all life’s communication ’tools’ are more and more less present; this is especially because of the lack of Emotional knowledge and culture,
  • The aggressive impact of Social – World – Changes; nowadays young people are living in an continuous physical and mental War?

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5 signs of Facebook addiction. Check yourself

Social networks are a part of our life, but with lots of fun and advantages some danger came along. How to differenciate if you are just in touch with the friends or have to be concerned about time you give to social networks?

1. Facebook scrolling Is a symptom of procrastination.

Facebook capitalizes on your tendency to procrastinate by incorporating a news feed with an infinite scroll. No matter how far down you go, there will always be more memes and status updates to keep you distracted from whatever you should be doing. You made yourself some coffee and now it is ice cold? Well, spare poor coffee your rage: 3 hours have passed.

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World sensation: Netflix`s project about bullying in schools “13 reasons why”

This year premiere “13 Reasons Why” became a red flag of a bullying problem.

In thirteen episodes you will be drawn into Hannah`s life – you will see her relationship with the family, her best friend and schoolmates. Written all old-fashion-cassette-type her voice tells the bitter truth.

Because nothing else left after she has commited a suicide.

Just her memories.

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