All you wanted to know about Sigma Art

Sigma Art is an organization located in Romania. It is working at national and international level. The activity within Romania is now structured in eight TiE and DiE national centres as Bucharest, Arad, Buzau, Craiova, Focsani, Piatra Neamt, Roman and Timisoara.

There are five TiE professionals involved and seven actor-teachers whoes proffesional fiels vary from  teaching and engineering to journalism.

The main concept of Sigma Art is running a cultural-educational and artistic centre, where: demeanor (behavior and attitude) to youngsters with artistic vocation can be offered, artists as well as to other organizations with similar objectives can create new educational initiatives.

Sigma Art also B brings up progress on artistic and social plan, helping them to find their place in a favorable medium, which encourages cultural and educational progress through art.

At the moment the running projects are:

  1.  Sigma-Art’s Theatre Company, Bucharest 12-15 years old and 16-17 years old;
  2. 2nd District Childen’s Club, Bucharest 16-17 years old;
  3. 6th District Childen’s Club, Bucharest 07 -12 years old;
  4. Sigma-Art’s Theatre Company, Focsani 12-15 years old and 16-17 years old;
  5. We care about Young!”project, 12 -17 years old and adults, a project for an national and international Theatre and Drama in Education tour-festival GALA.


Photo: Sigma Art