Bullying poem “She Only Wanted To Be Happy”

We often hear about cases where people are being bullied. Maybe we even witness such things. In order to raise awareness on this toxic topic it is essential to expose the truth and what better way to do that than with art, more specifically poetry.

On my research I stumbled across a terrific poem! It is a poem written for the pre- and intervention of bullying. What I found very alluring about this artpiece is how straight-forward it told the story about a victim of bullying.  Spoiler alert: she finally commits suicide.

While writing about the way she is being bullied and the immediate inherent consequences the author of this poem describes everything in detail – starting from the “knife” with which she “cuts” herself continuing to the “blood on the floor” etc. pp..

The poem is relatively long (43 verses). It is written in rhyming couplets and in the end there is a moral to the story.

Interestingly enough the website I found this poem on is filled with comments by readers who could resonate with the emotional frequency of the artpiece. Comments on how this poem “hit” them. Some people even report having cried while reading, furthermore explaining their own personal experiences concerning being bullied.

Lets get into some deeper analysis of the poem though: The poet uses very sharp and distinctive words in order to vitalize the atmosphere and convey the very close reality of a bullying victim. But first things first you have to read the poem yourself.

Here is the link: https://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/she-only-wanted-to-be-happy

Now that you have hopefully read the poem you should also read the comments. Or at least some of them. That way you get an insight into the way people think about bullying and you receive some first hand knowledge on the consequences of this very serious topic.