CYPRUS: TheatrEtc – 5 meetings on anti-bullying


TheatrEtc invites YOU to join them on their several events where the application will be presented. Besides that you will receive a guide for its use, the result of their research  AND a diploma for taking part.

There will be five meetings.

  1. The first one is today on the sixth of March from four to seven PM. It is a Workshop at the Theatre Museum (for more information or reservations which you by the way can not do anymore since this meeting is at the very present time already, call: 25343464). The exact Address is: “Panou Solomoidi 8, 3032 Limasol Cyprus. Check” out their facebook page on “”
  2. The second one will be on the 15th of March, a Thursday, from five to eight PM – a Workshop at the Cultural Centre Ag.Omologiton (for more information or reservations call 99542886). The Address is: “Agxilaou 1, Nicosia Cyprus”. Visit the FB page on “”
  3. Number three will be sic days later, on the 21st of March, which is a Wednsday, from five to eight PM. It is a Workshop at the LEARNING ATTITUD-arts and education centre (call 99542886 for information and resercations). Address: “Arch. Makariou C Avenue, 7 geroskipou Paphos Cyprus” and make sure to visit the homepage on “”.
  4. One day later on the 22nd of March, a Thursday from seven to nine PM there will be a projection of the movie “TRUST” at the CInema Xanthis 3 (call the number 99542886 for information and reservations). The place this event takes place at is: “Xanthis 3, Kaimakli, Nicosia Cyprus. Check out the facebook page: “”.
  5. And last but not least on a Saturday in Apri, the 21st from four to seven PM there wil be a theatre performance called “The story of Victoras and Maria” from the theatre group Intra Portas at the Cultural Centre Ag.Omologiton (call 99542886 if you need help or want to reserve a seat). Address: “Agxialou 1, Nicosia Cyprus”. Go to: “” for more information.