CYPRUS: All you wanted to know about TheatrEtc

TheatrEtc has a pool of trainers all over Cyprus, including Turkish-speaking trainers/facilitators for projects that are implemented across the divide and have more bi-communal/multi-communal character.

The team is using elements of TiE and DiE in most of its initiatives since both techniques belong to the greater spectrum of Applied Theatre.

Currently the organisation sustains two main national projects: “Crossroads” for a culture of peace and the anti-bullying theatre intervention “Remove the Power”. More relevant to the techniques mentioned and the overall aims of RUIN project is the anti-bullying theatre intervention “Remove the Power”, which has been running, with great success, in Cypriot primary schools since September 2011.

“Remove the Power” is a theatre intervention, that takes place in a period of 6 days in primary education establishments, involving theatre workshops that develop stimuli for pupils aged 9 to 12 years old. The intervention aims towards informing and educating pupils about the issue of bullying while promoting their creative expression and boosting their self-esteem. At the same time, within the program schedule, the rest of the pupils in other age groups, teaching staff and parents are also informed on the issue addressed through an interactive final production presented by the participants.


Main goals of the Program:

  1. Informing and Educating on the issue of Bullying Pupils become able to identify main terms and types of Bullying that takes place in the school environment as well as the main protagonists in a bullying incident, defying myths around the phenomenon, which lead to its development rather than its control.
  2. Assisting schools in the creation of a holistic policy for dealing with incidents of bullying in primary schools. “Remove the Power”, as an intervention, can become the first step towards the creation of a holistic policy for dealing with incidents that occur within schools, in collaboration with the head teachers, teaching staff and parents.
  3. Boost of Self-esteem through theatrical play. The use of drama for educative purposes offers a safe, creative and fun tool for developing communications between pupils and addressing a serious issue such as Bullying. Workshops provide a space for pupils to disclose information, understand how they can become more self-confident and enjoy doing it within the group.

Photo: TreatrEtc