SERBIA: IV Festival Mater Terra and Symposium PUSH

IV Festival Mater Terra and Symposium PUSH

The Festival Mater Terra (lat. Mother Earth) opens a space for encounter and presentation of drama groups, with the possibility for expert advice for all the teachers, artists and drama teachers who believe, just like we do, that drama education and theatre itself can influence positive personal development, and the development of our society and the world we live in.

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5 signs of Facebook addiction. Check yourself

Social networks are a part of our life, but with lots of fun and advantages some danger came along. How to differenciate if you are just in touch with the friends or have to be concerned about time you give to social networks?

1. Facebook scrolling Is a symptom of procrastination.

Facebook capitalizes on your tendency to procrastinate by incorporating a news feed with an infinite scroll. No matter how far down you go, there will always be more memes and status updates to keep you distracted from whatever you should be doing. You made yourself some coffee and now it is ice cold? Well, spare poor coffee your rage: 3 hours have passed.

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All you wanted to know about Sigma Art

Sigma Art is an organization located in Romania. It is working at national and international level. The activity within Romania is now structured in eight TiE and DiE national centres as Bucharest, Arad, Buzau, Craiova, Focsani, Piatra Neamt, Roman and Timisoara.

There are five TiE professionals involved and seven actor-teachers whoes proffesional fiels vary from  teaching and engineering to journalism.

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SERBIA: All you wanted to know about CEDEUM

Centre for Drama in Education and Art CEDEUM was founded in 1999 as a non-governmental and non-profit association.  During the last years they have grown into a platform and network involving thousands of young people, r teachers and mentors. CEDEUM is well-known for drama supporting, educational and artistic activities in  local communities in the fields of education, culture and social care, promotion of human and minority rights and sustainable development.

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